Stripes & Sunnies


Hello to all of you wonderful peeps and happy Wednesday! I hope your week has been productive thus far! Since today is pretty cold and gloomy here in the mitten, I decided to brighten things up a bit with an outfit from a few weeks ago when the summer temps were still in full force here. To be completely honest, I wish we could just flip-flop between summer and fall winter throughout the year and just skip on over winter and spring, haha! I don’t mind winter for a few months, but those 6-7 months we tend to get of it are just too dang much for me! I know not everyday can be beautiful and sunshine, but if I could wish for it I sure would! 🙂

Alright, enough blabbing about the weather that is completely out of my control and onto this casual summer outfit! Although this outfit looks like it would mainly be for summer/fall, I feel as though you could really transition the majority of the pieces into the other seasons as well. As I mentioned above, since it was warmer out that day I was able to pair it with some mom jeans and pointed flats, but you could also pair some booties and a sweater over it for Fall. Moving into the winter months you could wear a thermal underneath and a little jacket overtop both of those, pair some fun leggings underneath the jeans to provide a little more warmth and finish it with some boots! Now the sunnies….. those are good for all 4 seasons! 😉

I mentioned on my Instagram yesterday, but as much as I love the summer and warm months I do have to say Fall is probably my favorite fashion season. Now, if only it lasted a little longer than what it typically does! 🙂

Have a lovely rest of your Wednesday beautiful people and I will catch you back here for Friday’s post!


♥ Paige

Photography: Dana G. Photography

Top: Tj’s
Denim: ASOS
Belt: J. Crew
Flats: Nordstrom
Sunnies: Ralph Lauren

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