Camo Wear


Happy Friday peeps! I hope your week has been great and that you’re ready for the weekend ahead! I have another weekend ahead where I’m looking to get some more items checked off my to-do list before the weather cools down too much. I know I may be a little late to the punch, but I need to get some outdoor Fall decor out and put my summer items in storage. Theres a lot of work that comes with these season changes, haha! Alright, so for today’s post I’m talking all about these camo pants that I’ve had for a couple of years. I feel like camo is one of those pieces that goes in and out of style at times. Maybe that’s just me or how I feel about actually wearing camo, but I remember when that was the biggest hit and then it kind of dwindled down a bit and now is back.

I feel like wearing some bold pants like I did here really makes an outfit stand-out and draws the eye to your statement item. Because I shot these a few weeks ago when the weather the still warm, I paired a fun tank with a neck-tie and some sandals and I was good to go. I’ll be honest, this day it was literally 90 degrees out, but with the humidity it felt like 120 degrees. I was miserable shooting some of my outfits, but it is all worth it! 😉 Anywho, how do you guys feel about the camo trend? Do you dig it or did you leave it back when it dwindled out of a style a few years back?

Like I said above, I feel like it’s a piece that is definitely your standout item in an outfit and sometimes those are the best options to turn to!

Have a great weekend babes!


♥ Paige

Photography: Dana G. Photography

Top: Free People
Neck-tie: American Eagle
Camo pants: J. Crew (old) similar option
Sandals: Target
Purse: Nine West
Belt: ADA

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