All Black Everything

Something that I was always very hesitant to do was wear an outfit that was all one color. I always felt like I needed to have contrast and for colors to play off each other in an outfit. Let me tell ya, when I finally had the courage to wear an all black outfit a few years ago, I fell in love with the idea. I started with the classic color black because even though I was stepping out of my comfort zone, it still felt pretty safe. Since I jumped in and went for the all black look, I have ventured out a bit more with other colors. Two color options that I love and want to be brave enough to wear are oxblood and white. When I see pictures of outfits that are all white or all oxblood I tell myself, I’m doing it! So, here I am telling you that those two will be my next “out of comfort zone” outfits so you can hold me to it!

I know I’ve mentioned this jacket before, but it is one that will not disappoint! I have linked it below for you and it also comes in a few different color options. It is so super warm and cozy and spices up any outfit! Anything that I can wear that makes me feel like I’m walking around wrapped in a fleece blanket I’m all about! Get your hands on this beauty STAT.

P.S. How amazing I this tufted couch?! I would die to have this beauty in my house!


♥ Paige

Jacket: Free People
Top: Anthropologie (bought in-store, but this one is super similar)
Pants: H&M

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