June Favorites

Alright babes, for my June favorites I am focusing all on my current favorite foundations that I’ve been loving as of lately. I’m sure this is something you all can relate to, but when it comes to make-up, foundation is one of the things that I seem to experiment with the most. I typically find my staple items for my bronzer, mascara, etc., but it seems as though I’m always open to the latest and greatest foundation item. The list below has items from very light coverage to medium-full coverage. With that being said, check my favorites below!

  1. Skin Medica Essential Defense tinted sunscreen: First and foremost, my high school self would have NEVER even blinked an eye at being worried about wearing a sunscreen. If anything, I was trying to chase my next sun burn so that it turned to a ‘tan’, but oh how times have changed! Within the past 5 years or so I have really been aware of the sun and wearing sunscreen, especially on my face. As we all know, sun is so damaging to your skin so having a sunscreen is essential for the protection of your face. I love this one in particular because it is oil-free so it doesn’t make my face greasy at all and the fact that it is tinted. On days that I don’t feel like wearing much make-up I will wear this alone with a little powder overtop for a little more coverage. On days where I am wearing a full face of makeup I will always put this on first for not only a little moisture, but for of course the SPF protection.
  2. IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream: I have to say, I had tried this a few years ago and wasn’t really diggin’ it at the time, but I ended up giving it another chance a few months ago when I had a 20% off at Ulta and needless to say, I’m glad I gave it another shot. Not only do I love that it has anti-aging elements, but it also has 50+ SPF which is so great. It does say that it is full coverage and I do think that it is a little less than medium-full coverage, but I do like the consistency of it. It just wouldn’t be something I would grab for if I wanted really full coverage.
  3. Maybelline Matte + Poreless: I’m all about finding great drugstore foundations and when another blogger recommended this one I figured I would give it a shot as they claimed it was very comparable to a higher end foundation and they were so right. I really ended up loving this foundation especially for the coverage, consistency and the fact that it is matte. It goes my skin really well and holds just about all day, which is a huge factor for me. If you’re looking for a great drugstore option you should definitely give this one a shot!
  4. Hourglass Foundation stick: This foundation in particular is one that I skipped over many times in the past, but finally decided to give it a shot when someone recommended it for full-coverage of acne scarring, etc. My chin has always been my problem area and especially with being pregnant, it had gotten a little worse for a few months so I figured I would finally give this little baby a shot. I do like it and feel like it has great coverage. It is easy to apply and seems to blend well if used with a damp beauty blender. I wouldn’t recommend applying with a brush as it is pretty thick. I also recommend that your skin is nice and moisturized as it helps to blend it in a bit more. The only downfall I would say to this one would be finding the correct color. For some reason I had a hard time with the options and could have went even a little lighter, but otherwise it is a great foundation stick!
  5. Estee Lauder Perfectionist: Well, I had to save the best for last as this foundation has been my number one for the past few weeks. I was in the market for a new foundation and used to be a HUGE lover of the Estee Lauder Double-wear, but then it got to be a little too thick and heavy for what I preferred. So, I decided to try and give this foundation a shot as the girl at Ulta said that it is a super great formula, buildable, light-weight, but also great coverage and boy am I happy I did! I really do love how well it blends and it really gives me just the amount of coverage I like without looking or feeling ‘cakey’. Not only that, but yep you guess it, it has SPF in it too! haha So needless to say, this one is at the top of my list right now and I can’t foresee it going anywhere anytime soon!


I love that there are so many different foundation options out on the market now, but I also REALLY love when I find a handful of my go-to’s that I know I can easily grab for and know that I will be happy with the outcome. I will of-course be sure to let you guys know if/when I find more great foundations to add to my list, but as of right now these babies have been my favorites! I have all of them linked above so if you’re in the market for trying some new options, be sure to check them out!

Until next time…


♥ Paige

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