I had always wondered what it would be like when the time came that my husband and I would have a little peanut. So many things run through your mind of course, but I feel like as a woman, some of the initial thoughts are how your body is going to change. Don’t get me wrong, it is worth every little bit of change to your body, but for me it was something that came to mind early on. How was I going to look with a belly? What other parts of my body were going to change along with my growing bump? How will I dress my ever-changing body/bump?

I have to say, seeing my body change has been such an amazing experience. You see parts of your body get bigger that may have never been before and the thought of a living, breathing human being inside of you just makes you smile and embrace those beautiful changes. I can’t lie for one second and say I haven’t had those days of struggle where I’m not feeling confident, but those days come and go and the wonderful days of pregnancy out-weigh those few days of struggle like you wouldn’t believe.

I have had a lot of fun dressing the bump and being able to embrace the changes my body has made so far. I have to be honest and say that I am glad that my pregnancy is taking me through the summer so I am able to wear comfortable dresses and shorts & tank tops versus having to be all bundled up. Although, towards my last few months I’m sure I will be quite glad the weather will be getting cooler so I can be in comfy leggings and an oversized sweater. Something I have definitely gravitated towards during my pregnancy so far is basics. I feel like they’re simple enough to keep around and easy enough to throw on and have your outfit ready to go for the day. I have stocked up on a handful of basic tanks with those being plain colored: black, grey, white, etc. as well as some oversized tees. It is funny to think that some days I am in the mood to have my bump hugged with a tighter top or dress and other days I feel as though it’s more comfortable to wear something over-sized and baggy.

Prior to being pregnant I was ONLY a mid or high-rise pant kind of gal so I thought for sure that once I got pregnant that I would want to have high-rise bottoms, but boy was I wrong haha. As of right now anyways, I really don’t like anything over-top of my stomach. I would much rather have my bottoms be a lower-rise so they rest under the bump. Again, so crazy how your body changes?! With that being said, the verdict is in and I only have about 3 pairs of my non-maternity jeans left that still fit my growing belly, but I’m totally ok with that! This pair in particular was one that was pretty big on me prior to being pregnant because they’re supposed to have quite the over-sized fit to them so they have been great to be able to transition into this stage for the next few months. I have tried to hold-off on buying maternity specific clothes for as long as I can, but I do have a few key items on my list that I will be purchasing over the next few months so I will be sure to share those with you gals!

Sorry for the long post, I know it has been a minute since I’ve jumped on and did a post so I wanted to give you an update on life and my pregnancy thus far! I can’t believe I will officially be 5 months along as of tomorrow! This pregnancy really is flying by fast so I’m trying to soak up every minute of it. Have a great rest of your week babes!

Until next time…


♥ Paige

Tank: ASOS (great maternity option here)
Scarf: Old (love this one)
Denim: ZARA ( love these & these)
Sunnies: H&M

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