My Solution to a Whiter & Brighter Smile

If you’re anything like me you’re always looking for the next best product to help with those pearly whites. Are you with me?! I continuously catch myself searching new products whether it be whitening strips, trays, paste, etc. but never really had much luck until I was approached by Smile Brilliant and introduced to their at-home teeth whitening system. They were the answer to my never ending hunt for whiter teeth.

Our everyday activities of eating, drinking, etc. have such an effect on our teeth so being sure to take care of them with proper brushing and of course, proper whitening techniques is super essential to the desire for sparkly teeth. I knew that my love for coffee wasn’t going to come to a halt anytime soon so having Smile Brilliant to take care of those coffee stains was such a relief for me. Before I go into detail and explain the super easy process of using Smile Brilliants system, I would first like to bust a few teeth whitening myths.

  1. Teeth Whiteners Make Teeth White: Ok, so maybe whoever termed the phrase “teeth whitening” may not have been as specific as possible. The thing is, teeth whiteners like Smile Brilliant work to remove stains so your teeth can get as close to their natural color….which ultimately may not have been white. More than likely your teeth were naturally yellow or grey in color. With that being said, teeth whiteners help to remove the stains that have built up over-time in order to get as close to your natural teeth color as possible. Which in turn, provides a “whiter” smile.
  2. Teeth Whiteners Are Harmful: Studies done over the past 5 years have shown that lab direct whitening (such as Smile Brilliant) to be safe and effective with minimal side effects. A small percentage may have tooth sensitivity (caused by tooth dehydration, NOT enamel damage) and gum irritation, but this disappears upon discontinuation or lessening the use of the Hi-Intensity Whitening Gel.
  3. You Should See Instant Results: Let’s do some math. How many years of stains do you have on your teeth? How many coffees have you drank? How about teething staining foods? Those numbers add up. You may not get instant results with only a handful of treatments, and that’s ok. While some folks see results within 4-7 days, some may need 10-14 days of treatment with Smile Brilliant before seeing results. Remember, everyone’s teeth and stains are unique. Because it takes time to put the stains on your teeth so it is important to remember that it will take some time in order to help remove the stains.
  4. Strips Work Better Than Trays and Gels: Whitening strips actually use a different whitening method than trays and gel. The bleaching method actually strips your teeth of enamel to get the job done, making your teeth pretty painful over time. OUCH! Smile Brilliant on the other hand uses a safer and more realistic stain-removal ONLY method that’s more effective to whiten teeth.
  5. The Whitening Trays are Painful to Wear: Well I don’t know what trays you are using, but the ones from Smile Brilliant fit me perfectly. No, seriously. I was able to mold, send and get a 100% fitted tray to my teeth. Made of flexible plastic, this tray form fits perfectly to the natural shape of my teeth. I wore the trays for over an hour at a time. No problems. In fact, I was able to work while wearing them. BONUS multi-tasking!
  6. People with Teeth Sensitivity Can’t Whiten Their Teeth: Not true with Smile Brilliant. Since Smile Brilliant is a safe method for whitening teeth without enamel removal, anyone that wants stain-free teeth can use this product. Sensitivity is a possible side effect, where the Desensitizing Gel may help, or decreasing/stopping the treatment.
  7. It Isn’t As Effective As Professional Teeth Whitening: Studies are now showing that lab direct whitening done at home is similar if not more effective than laser whitening at the dentist office. And with laser whitening costing upwards of $500-$1,000, Smile Brilliant is also more cost efficient as well.

Now that you’re fully informed of all of the teeth whitening myths that are on the market, let me explain the stress-free and easy process that Smile Brilliant provides:

You will first be sent the molding supplies in order to properly make your teeth trays along with the actual whitening system you will use once your teeth trays have been completed. The system in order to create the moldings for your teeth trays is explained very thoroughly and easy to follow. It explains how the puddy should be placed inside the plastic tray and how you properly bite-down in order to get the correct teeth impressions. I also really liked how it demonstrated examples that weren’t correct so you knew the correct/incorrect outcomes. If you don’t get the correct impressions on the first try, no need to fret, they give you plenty of supplies for a few oopsies. Once you have created your teeth impressions on the top and bottom you’re provided with a pre-stamped envelope in which you send back to Smile Brilliant in order for them to create the trays you will use with the teeth whitening system.

After sending my teeth impressions back I had received my actual teeth trays with just a few short weeks. I was super eager to get started so I made sure to start whitening right away. The trays fit my teeth to a T so there is no worry that they will be sliding around (can anyone say whitening strips?!). In your teeth whitening kit you’re send vials of the whitening gel along with some desensitizing gel just in case you have any teeth sensitivity. To be honest, I haven’t had to use any of the desensitizing gel, which is something I had never experienced in the past with other teeth whitening methods I have tried so I was super excited about that aspect. I always seemed to have teeth sensitivity after previous methods I have used (crest white strips, professional teeth whitening, etc.).

As far as the system-use goes, you should typically use the whitening system either daily or every other day. Although I would like to have used it every single chance I had, it worked out better for me to use every other night and I still have seen amazing results. I typically will use the system at night (you’re to use 1/3 of a syringe for each session) as I’m getting ready for bed as it allows me to be finished with eating and drinking for the day and I am able to relax in bed, internet surf, catch up on my tv shows AND whiten my teeth all at the same time! I say heck yes to that! 😉

After I have used the trays for about an hour, I will rinse them out and brush my teeth. It is important to NOT brush your teeth before using the whitening gel as some ingredients in toothpastes can interfere with the whitening gel. After the trays are rinsed and ready for the next use, I am able to store them in the case and ensure they’re being kept dry and clean.

As you can see, I am absolutely in love with the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening system and the fact that they provided such amazing results to this coffee lovers teeth. The ease of use, gentle formula and stand-out results are the main things that made this system higher than the others I have used in the past. If you’re longing for those pearly whites like this chick was, you’re in luck! Smile Brilliant has been so generous and is willing to provide a DISCOUNT CODE to all of my followers as well as a giveaway to one lucky winner so you’re able to try this kit and get your very own amazing results. Follow the link below in order to be entered for the giveaway or enter trendleigh15 at checkout to receive 15% off your order! The giveaway link will be open for one week from today so be sure to enter your information ASAP, you won’t want to miss this chance!

My results!



*Thank you to Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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