Best Non-Maternity (Maternity) Tank!

Hey gang! Late night post comin’ at ya today! My Monday has been fast and furious, but boy have I gotten a lot accomplished so I’m totally ok with that. I hope the beginning of your week is off to a fabulous start! Today’s post will be short and sweet, but one that you won’t want to miss if you’re on the hunt for the perfect everyday tank that can also be used as a maternity tank for all of you fellow preggo mamas out there! 🙂

As I’ve said in some of my previous posts, but I’ve really been trying to not buy too many maternity clothes as I know this is a phase in my life that will shortly be done and I don’t want to have wasted a ton of money on clothes that I most likely won’t wear too often. With that being said, I have really tried to find transitional pieces that I can wear now with my growing belly as well as postpartum. Don’t get me wrong, I have bought a few maternity items and have also had some given to me which I have been super grateful for and I’ve also purchased a few pairs of jeans in a few sizes bigger than what I normally wear that I was able to wear early on in my pregnancy and ones that I will be able to wear post-partum until I’m back into my pre-pregnancy clothes (does that ever happen?! haha!).

So needless to say, this tank is one of those that is a super versatile piece of clothing and one that can be worn everyday if you aren’t pregnant as well as if you’re currently rocking the bump! I love that they’re so simple and neutral so they can be worn by themselves during the warmer weather or underneath pieces if you’re wanting to layer them. The icing on the cake is that they’re super duper comfortable and they come in every color you can imagine! This little number is a definite must in your closet so get your booty to Target and get you some! 😉

Until next time!


♥ Paige

P.S. Funny that almost this whole outfit is from Target and I didn’t even realize it. As much as I would love for Target to sponsor me, I just really love their stuff I guess! haha 😉

Tank (neutral solids, stripes, shine, leopard) Vest & Leggings: Target
Sneakers: Reebok

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