Skirts & Stripes

Hello and happy Wednesday (almostttt Thursday) to all of you beautiful gals! We’ve made it half-way through our week and are that much closer to our weekend! For some reason this week has seemed long to me and I’m not so sure why?! It just feels like it should have been Friday like 3 days ago?! haha! Anywho, I have a busy next two days at work so I wanted to hop on today and talk about this comfy business casual outfit that I sported a few weeks back. I have to be honest, I was sad to have to put these sandals away about a week ago because they were one of the 3 pairs of shoes I have that still fit me at the moment! It is so sad that I can’t wear all of my fall flats/booties because my dang sausage feet won’t fit in them! It will all be worth it though and in a few months I’ll be back in action (hopefully! 😉 )!

This skirt is one that I purchased a few years ago and honestly has been one that I have worn so many times and in so many different ways. I love the fact that it can be worn more business casual as I did here by pairing a blazer with it, or dressed down a bit with a tank and/or sweater and some sneakers. Not only is it such a great and versatile color, but I love the ribbed look and the length and fit to it tops it all off. Being able to transition certain pieces into various seasons is my favorite. Not only weather seasons, but different seasons of life such as pregnancy. I was able to wear this pre-pregnancy, during my pregnancy and will most definitely wear it post-pregnancy as well. Because I was going for a more business casual look this day, I decided to pair my beetle juice blazer, a comfy tank and some sandals to complete the look. Oh, and of course I can’t forget the coffee! It was sooo good and to be honest, I haven’t stopped thinking about that coffee since I got it this day so I’m thinking a coffee stop is needed in my very near future, ya feel?!

Now that the outfit deets are discussed, I wanted to give you all a little baby update as well. Currently 34 weeks (as of tomorrow) and still feeling really, really great! I am so very thankful and fortunate that I have had such a great pregnancy. Not to say there aren’t some days where I’m just ready haha, but I have had such an easy time that some days I wouldn’t mind going a few more months (that is if she could fit in there that long haha!). I feel as though I waited such a long time for this day to come that I will be sad when this chapter of pregnancy is over. But, I am over the moon excited to meet my baby girl as well so she can just make her sweet arrival right on time for mama! 😉

Well, thats all I have for you ladies today! Stay tuned for some exciting content coming up within the next week or so. I will be posting the workouts I’ve done during my pregnancy as well as some great products I’ve recently come across and have loved!

Until next time…


♥ Paige

Blazer: H&M (Similar Option)
Tank: ASOS
Skirt: Nasty Gal (old) LOVE this similar option
Sandals: ASOS (love these & wanted to order them so many times this summer! May just have to pull the trigger since they’re on major sale!)

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