Tiger Stripe Combo

Hey gang! First and foremost, I hope your week has kicked off to a good start and that you’re ready to tackle the week ahead. I have to be honest, the past two weeks or so have really kind of hit me and I feel like I have zero energy lately haha. I could have a movie day all day/night and be totally ok with it! I have still tackled a few things a day of course, but man the energy has been sucked right out of me it seems like. Only a few more weeks to go for baby girl and I’m sure I’ll be even more tired so I guess I better soak up every minute of relaxing on the couch right now! 😉

To start today’s post I want to make sure the wrong idea isn’t being taken here as far as speaking on remedies to prevent stretch marks during pregnancies. Every tiger stripe a woman has is absolutely earned and it is the most powerful and beautiful thing to be able to look back on those marks that were created by the beautiful soul you carried and brought into this world. To be honest, I actually had stretch marks on my bum and inner thighs prior to getting pregnant and if I’m being even more honest, they didn’t really bother me. However, if I could prevent myself from getting more throughout my pregnancy then I was going to at least give it a solid whirl. With that being said, I do think that sometimes it doesn’t matter what in the heck you do, if you’re going to get them you’re going to get them and that’s totally ok! I feel like everyone’s body is so different and how it stretches and bounces back is so different from woman to woman as well.

So, in trying to have a simple remedy in my life to prevent them during my pregnancy I went with the good ole Palmers coconut cream, stretch mark lotion and the Bio Oil that many people raved about. I believe the suggested use for the Bio Oil was to be used twice a day, but I honestly only did my routine once a day after I got out of the shower. I would start with the Palmers coconut cream or stretch mark lotion (I mainly alternated between the two) and place that all over my body, then put the Bio Oil on over top. The main areas I focused with the Bio Oil was my bump of course, my breasts, my bum and my inner and outer thighs. I really love this oil for the fact that it isn’t super thick so it doesn’t feel like a film is left on your skin and that it dries fairly quickly. I will also add that a little goes a long ways. Throughout my entire pregnancy I went through one medium-sized bottle of the Bio Oil and am currently on my second which is still 3/4 of the way full.

Like I said above, this post is not meant to shame or to say that stretch marks are a bad thing by any means! I just thought I would share the little concoction with all of you that I have used during my pregnancy. I will say, I haven’t gotten any stretch marks as of yet (4 weeks left to go!), but I have definitely gotten more cellulite on my legs. The dry brush I have posted here is something that is supposed to help improve and prevent cellulite as it helps with the blood flow, but I wasn’t the best at keeping this in my routine on the daily if I’m being honest haha. But again, these little miracles are worth every line, dimple and mark on our bodies because we’re strong badass mamas!

To end this post, I’m sending all of my love to each woman out there who is currently trying to get pregnant, who is carrying a little miracle and to all of the fierce mamas that make up this world!

Until next time…


♥ Paige

Bio Oil: Ulta (can be purchased at multiple places though)

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