Blanket Scarf


Happy hump day beautiful people! Today’s post is coming’ at ya with one of my favorite items to sport in the fall and winter and that is a blanket scarf. I know these aren’t too new to the fashion world, but I still look forward to rocking them every new fall and winter season. The comfort and warmth of them is obviously amazing, but I swear the patterns and color mixes get better each year as well. Something I always love about an item is versatility because I like having the option to wear things different ways and that is a character that blanket scarves hold true to.

As you can see, for this particular outfit I decided to just wear it plain and simple around my neck on a cool fall day at the pumpkin farm, but I could choose to style this particular scarf numerous ways and it would give the outfit a different look each time. How awesome is a clothing item or accessory that can give you numerous looks using the same piece?! Because this scarf had gray and black tones in it, I decided to pair one of my favorite pair of denim jeans that were a gray color in order to pull from the scarf combo. I seriously love everything about these jeans, they’re amazing in every way and I would like them in every color! haha They’re a high-rise which is another thing I’m starting to love more and more and the knee holes are in the perfect spots. They’re also 40% off right now at Shopbop and I promise you won’t regret these babies! Linked below for you šŸ˜‰

I know I’m not the only one that loves blanket scarves so what are some of your favorites?!

Have a fabulous rest of your Wednesday night and get geared up for the last two days of the work week!


ā™„ Paige


Photography: Dana G. Photography

Sweater: Romwe

Denim: Levi’s

Booties: Matisse

Scarf: Target

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