Best Maternity Jeans!

Hi lovlies! I hope your weekend (and your Monday) was absolutely fabulous and that your week is off to a great start! My brother is a travel nurse and is currently living in Chicago so my mom and I took a little trip out for the weekend. Chicago is definitely not somewhere I could ever live, but boy do I sure LOVE to visit there. I just love the busy-ness and how people are constantly on the go. The hustle and bustle is refreshing to me and I love seeing people grind and make things happen! i do have to say, one of my favorite things about Chicago (aside from the shopping of course haha!), is the fact that when it comes to fashion there are NO LIMITS there. You can literally wear anything there and its totally ‘normal’. That is one thing I have to say about my home-town that I don’t always love is the fact that if you aren’t wearing what everyone is wearing you get looked at like a crazy person. But, on the other hand I guess thats what makes you stand out in a place where everyone is going with the grain and you don’t, ya feel me?!

Alright, enough about my weekend and onto these outfit details that feature the BEST maternity jeans I’ve found. It’s funny thinking back to before I got pregnant because I always looked at all of the maternity clothes/brands and said how excited I was to see how trendy maternity clothes have become. Not that I wasn’t still excited about the trendiness of maternity clothes when the time came, but I quickly found myself not wanting to invest a lot of money in clothes that I really won’t wear after I have baby girl. However, I did know that at some point I would need to get a few pairs of maternity jeans. Not only because my pre-pregnancy jeans wouldn’t fit me, but because I’m such a denim girl anyways and I knew that I would want a few pairs I would be comfortable in.

This is where Old Navy came in and saved the day! I had found these online and read great reviews on them so I decided to give them a shot and am I ever so glad that I did! Had I come across these earlier and purchased them, they would have definitely been a pair that I could have worn my entire pregnancy from the beginning to the very end. I did get one size up from my normal, which is typically a 2 and they will still fit me until the very end which I’m so happy about. They are so comfortable and sit in just the right spot for me while also having the two small stretch panels on the sides to work with my growing belly. Not only are these babies so cute and comfortable, but the price point is so great! I believe I got these ones in particular on sale for around $30 and they also have them in multiple colors and styles (over the bump, etc.).

if you’re currently expecting or becoming pregnant in the future and are looking for an amazing maternity jean that is functional and feasible, these ones from Old Navy are your golden ticket!

Until next time…


♥ Paige

Duster: Free People
Tee: Target
Denim: Old Navy 
Slides: Rebecca Minkoff (super similar)

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